INFO: Änderungen für 2019 in den Veterinärvorschriften der FEI

Pferdesport in Niederösterreich – Die FEI hat ihre Veterinärvorschriften mit 1. Jänner 2019 geändert und zur Info für alle Pferdesportler, die bei internationalen Turnieren an den Start gehen bzw. alle Veranstalter internationaler Events, haben wir einige der Änderungen aufgelistet, die beispielsweise die Zulassung von Permitted Treating Veterinarians betreffen, die Bestimmungen über “non-competing horses” oder auch das Scheren der Pferdebeine. Im Anschluss an den nachstehenden Beitrag findest du aber auch den Link zu den FEI Veterinary Regulations, in denen alle Änderungen farblich markiert sind.

Article 1101 Permitted Treating Veterinarians
1. Permitted Treating Veterinarians may assume the following roles:
– Veterinary Services Manager (VSM);
– Veterinary Control Officer;
– Treating Veterinarian (TV);
– Team Veterinarian;
– Athlete’s Private Veterinarian (APV); and
– Holding Box Veterinarian
2. PTVs must have adequate professional indemnity insurance.
3. PTVs that are not appointed by the OC must register with the OC as veterinarians


Article 1002 Vaccinations and Infectious Diseases
1. All laboratory tests performed for infectious disease testing, particularly those required by government legislation, must be recorded in the Passport.
2. All Horses entering the FEI Stables Area and/or participating in FEI Events must be vaccinated against equine influenza, according to Article 1003.
3. Horses entering the FEI Stables Area that are not competing must be FEI-registered Horses. They must comply with the equine influenza vaccination requirements as described in Article 1003, undergo an Examination on Arrival and comply with any additional health requirement.
4. Exceptions from the influenza vaccination requirements may be granted by the FEI Veterinary Department and where national legislation states otherwise which shall only be applicable to Horses competing in that nation.
5. All information concerning vaccinations must be written in the Horse’s Passport in the roman alphabet.

Article 1004 Prohibited Methods
1. Horses are not permitted to compete in FEI Events
a) with hyposensitive or hypersensitive areas of the body;
b) with a tracheotomy/tracheostomy (i.e. a surgical opening through the skin into the trachea);
c) following gene doping (i.e. the non-therapeutic use of cells, genes, genetic elements or the modulation of gene expression having the capacity to improve performance);
d) following any form of genetic modification;
e) following blood doping, or similar methods (e.g. ozone haemotherapy),
f) with any object that punctures the skin with the exception of wound closure materials;
g) wearing contact lenses unless permission has been granted from the FEI Veterinary Department; and
h) if the hair on their limbs has been clipped and/or shaven at any point during their presence at an FEI Event site. Permission must be granted from the VC/VD by the PTV for clipping and/or shaving required for veterinary purposes, prior to any investigation or treatment taking place.

Die kompletten 2019 FEI Veterinary Regulations (14th Edition 2018, effective 1 January 2019) findest du hier, alle Änderungen sind markiert. 

Hier findest du die 2019 FEI Veterinary Regulations ohne Markierungen.